React team introduced React Hooks in October 2018 and finally released in React v16. 8.0 in February 2019. In the next release i.e. React v17 React team did not add any new features for developers and focused on making it easier to upgrade React itself.


Most of us have already started working on hooks or in the process of switching to React hooks slowly. We are using latest tech stack and React Hooks for most of the projects in InMobi. If you are curious to know what we are building at InMobi/glance or anything related to tech, feel free to…

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Almost anything you do or interact online involves some form of data, and this data tells a story about who you are and where you have been, what food you have been ordering and your favourite shopping brand. From web browsing to smartphones, you and everyone you know is tracked, logged, and the data is shared among a variety of third party services.
Remember when you were looking for something on internet and you started seeing ads for similar products on all the social media platform 🔍.
Ever wondered how is that done? …

Back in 2014 when I started my career, I did not know what it took to be a good UI developer. Apart from learning HTML, CSS and jQuery, I had no idea how to take things to the next level. Then one day I found a roadmap for web developer which looked like a complex tree structure. It included all the things one could learn to be a ‘good web developer’. Now that I had a ready-reckoner comprehensive list, the next step was to figure out how to learn them.

Despite having a fairly successful background in conventional education, I…

Developers plays vital role to make or break an accessible website. So it is very important for developers to know about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), accessible coding practices and testing for web accessibility. You can read more all about Web Accessibility in my previous post.


Few points to keep in mind when working on accessibility:

1) Identify the page language

Identifying the page language helps screen reader to switch language profiles, adjust speaking rate of content in order to provide the correct accent and pronunciation. The lang attribute is used to determine the page language or a section of page language while developing…

Web plays the vital role in many aspect of life when it comes to education, employment, commerce, healthcare and many more. It is very important that all the information provided by internet is accessible by everyone in order to provide equal opportunity.

What is Web Accessibility?

According to W3C, Web accessibility means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them.
In simpler terms, web accessibility means that every person can perceive, understand, navigate, interact with, and contribute to the web no matter what their device, their location, their ability or circumstances.

These videos help…


I have been in web development for more than 3 years. I worked on JQuery, I worked on Angular and I am learning React. Libraries and frameworks are there to make your job easy. Is it always advisable to use them? Learning frameworks is an additional skill but one must know how frameworks work and what is happening behind the Scenes.

In one interview I was asked to code in VanillaJS. And I was like What the hell is VanillaJS!? I told them that I do not know VanillaJS framework. I came back and did my research and this was…

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If you are a front-end developer, you know debugging is the part of the development. You might have faced issues with click event functionality that works very well in your local set up but it does not work on the Production site. You do not know how to debug this problem as you do not have access to files or you don’t have signons for debugging in the production domain.
I came across with this wonderful chrome extension named Resource Override by Kyle Paulsen.

Basic Scenario:

1) Lets say you have a site calls

2) You would like to override…

JavaScript is deep and understanding its concept can be cumbersome .There are so many JavaScript resources available out there that finding best resources is not easy. I was looking for tutorials and blogs which are easy to understand and the concepts explained clearly.
I am listing down few concepts and resources. I find them really helpful.

  1. Understanding JavaScript Promises
  2. Event Loop
  3. How JavaScript Engine works
  4. Learn all Call, Apply and Bind
  5. Closure
  6. All about Javascript Scope
  7. Understanding this

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I’m a Front-End Developer based in Bangalore, India. I believe in pretty designs and clean coding.

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